Mr. Potato Head’s Identity Crisis

Story Time with Bell

Mr. Potato head has been a popular children’s toy for nearly 70 years. However, as old as Mr. Potato head is, he never questioned his identity until recently.

According to Reuters, Hasbro has decided to drop the “Mr.” from the name, “Mr. Potato Head” in efforts to create a less gender-focus identity. Although many believe this to be a smart move for Hasbro; others will disagree.

To Support or Encourage LGTBQI+

I believe that dropping the “Mr.” from “Mr. Potato Head” creates an entirely new toy. Although I don’t have a problem with the change personally, it’s these small changes that turn into bigger ones.

As an American, I strongly believe in freedom. Therefore, if you are someone that would rather have your kids’ play with the gender neutral Potato Head-then I support your right to do so. However, I believe it is one thing to support the LGTBQI+ community…

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Review of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments

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The Handmaid‘s Tale was originally written by Margaret Atwood in 1985. The book is set in a fictitious world of Gilead, which is somewhere in the northeastern part of the United States and Canada. The women are suppressed and divided into classes that are determined by men. There is no upward mobility.

The men work and rule the country and are also part of a caste system. The highest echelon of these groups are the commanders. Their wives are the highest order of the women. The handmaids are used for producing the commanders’ offspring once their wives are either too old or downright barren.

The Handmaids wear red, which might symbolize fertility. The wives of the Commanders wear teal, and the aunts, who supervise the Handmaids, wear military brown. There are other classes of women like the econo-wives. They marry the men of lower classes and wear multi-colors. The Marthas, older women who can’t bear children and are not married, wear green and work as servants within the homes of the wealthy commanders.

Offred (or of Fred) is the Handmaiden in the first book The Handmaid’s Tale. She remembers Gilead before the takeover and American life before oppression. She frequently has sex with her commander, or possibly gets raped, while the wife is in bed watching. Offred and the commander begin an affair without the wife.

In The Testaments, the Handmaids are no longer the focus. This time the aunts are the stars, especially Aunt Lydia. The story goes into how the aunts have a sliver of power that grows as they manage the Handmaids and collect dirt on the judges and commanders. Another plot line is MayDay or the resistance group that is trying to fracture Gilead’s political structure.

My Review: Both books have Christian undertones. Although the author is a Christian, her message is clear-the Bible can be manipulated and misused for evil agendas. Gilead is a real place in Palestine, and Martha is a prominant fixture in the New Testament. Atwood also uses the Bible story of Rachel and Leah in a few ways. First, by naming a place in the book’s setting the Rachel and Leah Center. Also, Atwood was clearly inspired by the Biblical story of Jacob’s wives, Rachel and her sister Leah. Rachel is Jacob’s favorite wife, but cannot have children. Leah has no problem. In desperation, Rachel gets her servant Bilhah to fornicate with Jacob for children.

Both books are clearly original, interesting, and brilliant. The clothing worn by the women reminded me of The Scarlet Letter. The book drips with puritanical hypocrisy, yet allows justice to show up in the second book. I never saw the series on Hulu, but really want to after reading the novels. Leave a comment if you read or watched the series!

5/5 Star


1984 has never been as prophetic and relevant as it is today. With Twitter and Facebook banning the president, and Google and Apple threatening Parler (because of the President), I had to repost the review of one of my all time favorite books. 1984 was written in 1949 and takes place in the future or 1984 which of course is now our past.  As Orwell says, “he who controls the past controls the future and he who controls the present controls the past.”

Front Cover

Winston, an outer party member and employee, works for the Outer Party government in the fictitious region called Oceania.  Winston lives in former London. His apartment comes complete with a state-run camera and microphone that monitors every move he makes.  Banners of Big Brother, a man with a moustache and glasses, are hung all over the city. Oceania is always at war with one of the two regions in the world-Eastasia or Eurasia.

Winston’s job at the Ministry of Truth involves changing newspapers, reels, books, or anything that contradicts what the Party aka government with the goal of leaving no evidence behind when the government lies.  He doesn’t understand how people can so easily forget who they are at war with-one day it’s Eastasia, but then the next day it’s Eurasia.  When Oceania switches enemies, Winston and his co-workers work overtime covering up all speeches and news about the previous war which is erased from all forms of history.  Winston starts to question why the government wants to change the past.  He also doesn’t like being watched.  Against the government’s rules, he gets a journal and begins to document his feelings and events with his back to the camera.  Most Oceania residents live in fear of the Thought Police who might drag them off in the middle of the night, beat them into confession, and then encourage them to kill themselves.

Winston soon finds a woman at his work, Julia, who feels the same.  They have a secret affair.  It has to be in secret because Big Brother/the government does not approve of romance and love.  They have a secret room where they meet to have sex and talk in private.  The room is above a shop in the seedy part of town where the Proles live.  Proles are the masses or the proletariat (Marx)/worker bees of the world.  Big Brother issues a hate speech each week about an underground organization called the Brotherhood run by Goldstein.  They don’t know if it exists, but make a move to find out.  On a whim, Winston hints with another co-worker, a big shot who works in the Inner Party, about wanting to revolt with the Brotherhood.  O’Brien invites him into the world of conspiracy.

As the story moves on, O’Brien is not the rebel that Winston thought.  He and Julia get arrested, tortured, behaviorally modified, and then brought back into society. They never get back together and Winston ends up a lonely alcoholic.  In the end, Big Brother wins and society is helpless.

My Review and Famous Sayings:
The writing was preachy and speechy at times, but the story remains a dangerous warning of a modern day totalitarian state.  Censorship and alteration of the past are a must for control.  Machiavelli wrote about it long before Orwell.  But Orwell goes even further.  
Cameras and microphones listening and watching every second of your life is not just in this novel.  Think about it-our phone, the Internet, emails, intersection cameras, GPS in our cars, credit card purchases, medical information, social media posts, all of it can be found by a layman let alone a powerful government.  We don’t have the “Thought Police” but we do have the fake news media who are willing to cancel if not destroy us for our “offensive” phrases, even ban our president from free speech.  
Orwell uses the phrase “doublethink” as one of Oceania’s key practices. Doublethink is when you accept two contradicting view points as truths.  Hmmm…., like double standards?

The European Union and its Totalitarian Nightmare – Retrospect Journal

One of my favorite parts of the story was the constant war-sometimes with Eurasia and sometimes with Eastasia and then the propaganda that followed how each region had always been the enemy.  Reminds me of our fickle alliance of many Middle Eastern countries in recent years.  Iran comes to mind-once an ally and then an enemy.  Nowadays, we are being pitted against each other for another Civil War.
Orwell believes that socialism will bring upon this kind of control.  Ingsoc stands for English Socialism.  He even uses Marxist phrases such as “Proles” or proletariats.  The government’s elite is called the Inner Party.  I wondered if he was also referring to the Inner Circle of New World Order conspiracy.    
Last but not least, is Orwell’s phrase Newsspeak.  This idea was one of the  most fascinating ideas in the whole book.  Orwell clearly believes that if you get rid of the bulk of the English language, then you can get rid of a lot of thoughts and ideas that go with it.  Newspeak gets us to an oversimplified means of communication, blurring meanings and ideas, turning talk into a generic means of filling our basic needs.  
The hierarchy of Orwell’s world reminded me most of New World Order conspiracy theory where only a handful of people, the elite, really know the truth and engage the rest of us in doublethink and Newspeak.  I, for one, wonder how much we are lied to via political press conferences and the media.  Every country seems to have discovered the many uses of propaganda.  Was Orwell a writer or a prophet?
This is a 5 star no-brainer.  Please leave your thoughts and views.

Extraterrestrial Evidence in Utah?

On November 18th, a metal monolith was found in a red rock Utah dessert by state employees. The Utah workers were counting sheep in the helicopter on the south side of the state and spotted the odd, shiny object on the ground. The object was also seen in 2015-2016 by Google Earth. The object appeared to be metal and stood around 12 foot high. Many believe the monolith was left by aliens.

A 2020 space oddity? Mysterious metal object found in Utah desert -  National |
The Mysterious Monolith in Utah

After media reported the discovery last Friday, November 27th, the monolith was removed. Who removed it and why still remains a mystery. Human waste and toilet paper were left in the general location of the monolith. A huge triangular indent of the object’s base was also left behind.

This story plays well into the recently formed UFO task force called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP. During an interview with Fox News’s Marianne Bartiromo, Trump answered alien questions with extreme ambiguity. Although Trump claims that he does not believe in aliens, he stated that the Navy pilots who claimed to see spacecraft had every right to belive what they saw. Some even believe that Trump expanded the military in response to alien hostility. What do you think? Once he is out of the White House, will he spill the beans?

Trump Promises to Take a 'Good, Strong Look' at UFOs and the Existence of  Aliens

Cashless Society Step 1: Get Rid of Gold

Much talk about doing away with cash has been circulating. Cash and coin have always been unique to each country, her leaders, culture, and economy. If the world becomes cashless, would buying and selling goods be easier? Would poor economies rise? Would wealthy economies fall? These questions are central to the formation of a one world government, or New World Order. Secret societies have dreamt of this moment for centuries. U.S. President Nixon eliminated the gold standard in 1971. Switzerland was the last country in the world to go off of the gold standard in 1999.

So why has the world abandoned gold? There a lots of reasons. The most popular and publically stated reason is this: Gold supply could not keep up with monetary supply.

The pros of gold have always been a stable economy and a firm handle on inflation. Gold has held intrinsic value since the beginning of time. An economy based on gold would be protected from national debt. The gold standard would reduce spending, especially defense spending, which would ultimately prevent costly wars. Bailing out greedy corporations would not happen because there would not be enough gold to irresponsibly share.

The cons of the gold standard claim that the system hampers economic growth. Some experts blamed the gold standard as a reason for the Great Depression, causing panics at banks and stock market swings. Some even say that gold mining is an environmental problem. A pro and a con, depending on your viewpoint, is that gold prevents governments from excessively spending and overprinting money.

Today, an ounce of gold costs approximately $1856.00. It was $279.00 in 2000, $38.90 in 1970, and $20.67 in 1900. One can argue that the price of gold skyrocketed after it no longer backed the U.S. dollar. Although many responsible economists believe going back to the gold standard might solve many of the U.S.’s problems, the country is too far gone into fiat currency to ever go back.

US has already exceeded 2023 projections!!!!!!!

Right now, cash only accounts for 5% of all transactions in America. Most consumers pay electronically either with credit or debit. We are that much closer to getting rid of cash. The U.S. is 26.5 trillion ( in debt, and with more unemployment/government spending, we will be around 30 trillion by year’s end, a number that all economists agree is a security problem. So where is the stimulus money coming from? Thin air. The Federal Reserve just prints it out. There will be a price for this later on.

We have bitcoin and other crypto-currency already in place. Is that where we are going? Or will we be under a global currency system of “credits”? As Shakespeare said, “All that glitters is not gold.” While Americans are arguing over masks, “The Star Spangled Banner”, statues, and Covid 19, no one is watching the money. And when no one is watching, our elite inner circle is presented with an opportunity of a millenium. Over the next couple of weeks more blog posts about gold, money, and economics are to come! Subscribe, comment, and share!

Are We Heading Towards a Cashless Society?

Cashless society — a dream or a reality?

Gold and silver were used as currency in advanced societies throughout the centuries. It wasn’t until the 20th Century that things started to change. In 1971, President Nixon officially took America off of the gold standard, but the plan had been in place for decades. President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt ordered that gold coins and certificates worth more than one hundred dollars be turned into the Federal Reserve in May of 1933. His exorbitant fines insured that the government’s confiscation would be successful. A couple of weeks after the order, the government collected three hundred million dollars worth of gold coin and four hundred and seventy million in gold certificates. Gold increased from $20/oz. to $35/oz. which increased the Federal Reserve’s balance by 69%. Does this sound like an “inside-job”? The U.S. as well as other countries have been pulling these kinds of stunts for years. More posts will come about bailouts, the Federal Reserve, and banks. But for now, I want to blog about a cashless society.

Roosevelt's gold confiscation: could it happen again? - Telegraph
FDR Gold Confiscation

President Ford allowed Americans to buy gold in 1974. It’s currently worth around $1600/oz. Silver is also available (around $20/oz.). But what about cash? Is it really only worth the paper it’s printed on? Lately, major retailers and grocery chains are claiming they are out of change. Why?

Kroger, a grocery chain, publically stated that they would give the customer change from the purchase on their loyalty card. Walmart, 7-11, and CVS are encouraging customers to use their credit cards. The Federal Reserve says, “With establishments like retail shops, bank branches, transit authorities and laundromats closed, the typical places where coin enters our society have slowed or even stopped the normal circulation of coin.”

The End I: New World Order | The Verge

Again, this is the same establishment who profitted off of FDR’s gold confiscation in the ’30s. Is coronavirus to blame? Forbes Magazine talked about the pros/cons of America going cashless in February earlier this year, right before the coronavirus shutdowns. Here’s a summary of what they had to say:


Speeds up transactions

No counting back change

Merchants don’t need to keep the cash on hand which cuts down on security and insurance

(Not in the article) Now retailers especially like credit and debit cards because their employees don’t gave to touch the germy money


Cost (credit cards get kickbacks from merchants for their use so prices would increase)

Data breaches among consumers

Security-related costs with data breaches

(Not in the article) Lastly, a computer trail of everything the consumer purchases

So is a cashless society a good thing or is it part of a one world government-New World Order? Our credit and debit cards are replacing our money, and our money replaced our precious metal currency. Who will benefit the most from getting rid of coin and currency? Leave a comment!

Hamilton and New World Order

UPDATE: 7-19-20

To add onto this article, Disney has issued a warning label on the play.


The Disney Channel recently released the mega-hit play Hamilton to stream. I really wanted to see the play live last year when it came to Dallas. Ticket prices were at least $300, and that was for crappy seats. Friends told me the tickets were even more expensive in Chicago. I heard that the play commanded over a $1000 in New York City. My daughers and I jumped at the chance to see it for free.

The story is an entertaining biography of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton’s genius can be read inside of the thousands of pages he wrote during the American Revolution and the early formation of the United States. He died at 47 or 49 by the hands of Aaron Burr, the 3rd Vice-President of the U.S. (under Jefferson) in a duel.

Born in the West Indies, Alexander was raised by a single-mom and absentee dad. His mom died when he was 13 years old, leaving him to fend for himself. He came to America as an immigrant and achieved the American Dream. He was involved in setting up Black troops during the American Revolution and was also an outspoken abolitionist.

Hamilton was by far perfect, which the play touches upon. He cheated with his wife and was blackmailed. Eventually, his affair became public and ruined all his presidential aspirations. Hamilton may have also had an affair with his sister-in-law. He ironically encouraged his son to participate in a duel, and paid the ultimate price when his son was fatally shot.

With his reputation destroyed and his teenage son dead, Alexander’s ambitions evaporated. Jefferson and he were always at odds, but Jefferson had his respect because of Jefferson’s convictions. Aaron Burr was a different story. The two of them met while young men during the American Revolution. Their relationship was always lukewarm, although Burr attended Hamilton’s wedding. Hamilton labeled Burr a man who stood for nothing, even going as far as to endorse Jefferson’s presidential campaign instead of Burr’s. This insult led to Burr challenging him to a duel, which he unfortunately accepted, changing history forever.

The play had almost no dialogue with the story told through song. The original soundtrack combined traditional show tunes with rap music. I am not a big fan of rap, but loved the way it was integrated into the songs. I may even purchase the soundtrack. The actors and actresses belted out pages of poetry while keeping a melodious tune. Everyone in the play danced the big Broadway numbers expected by musical fans.

The cast was as diverse as America with most races represented. American forefathers were played by Blacks and Latinos. The idea reminded me of one of favorite TV musical movies, Cinderella (with Brandi). My kids must have watched Cincerella 50 times. Hamilton was much better. Not only did it deliver on what an expensive musical should be, it also honored American history. I heard that one of the actors ragged on Trump and modern politics in an unscripted aside, but that was not part of the Disney released performance. It kept its distance from politics and focused on history. I highly recommend this for all who love musicals. I have seen dozens of them, and this play quickly became one of my favorites. When Covid 19 is over and the play comes back to Dallas, I will not hesitate to buy an expensive ticket.



As mentioned above, Hamilton was an American hero who would have eventually became president. He rightfully found a permanent place on the ten dollar bill. As mentioned above, the brilliant musical honored and taught the audience about one of our forefathers.

So what’s the problem? Apparently, our cancel culture has a major problem with it. In an article from DailyMail, the author blasts the play for inaccurately portraying Alexander Hamilton as a forefather who mattered. Some of the laundry list of sins that demonize the legend include his marriage because it really was a career move, his rich father-in-law who owned slaves, his ambition which was not about anti-slavery, but really about his need to social-climb, his butt-kissing towards Washington and Phillip Schuyler who were both slave owners, accusations made by Abigail Adams who supposedly told her husband that Alexander was really a Julius Caesar and a 2nd Bonaparte, and finally how he attacked poor Burr, the real hero????, through his writings. This is not just a critique, it’s a demand to cancel the play forever. And it’s not just the DailyMail. Many groups want Hamilton to die.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the actor and singer who stars as Alexander Hamilton as well as being the creative mastermind behind the play, is now openly criticized as being pro-slavery. The take-away from all of this is: We MUST cancel a play about an American hero who despite being a famous abolitionist, had friends and family members who legally owned slaves.

Our country is being transformed into something unrecognizable. Could it be New World Order? Post a comment. Love to hear what you have to say.

Who is Antifa and Who is George Soros?

This week has turned into a war zone since the tragic death of George Floyd. As everyone knows, the man was murdered while complying with a policeman who arrested him for counterfeiting. Three other policemen watched as the officer kneed the defenseless man’s neck, and the rest is history. We can all agree that if someone had not videoed the incident, the police would have claimed a different scenario which has probably happened too many times to count each year in urban America. My rant or post is not about the politics, but about the aftermath of the inciting incident. Police brutality is not new, but these enormous, perfectly timed, nationally wide riots are. In sync, American cities burn, and looters steal in the name of “fill in the blank“. So how are these “protests” so proficiently coordinated?

News about ANTIFA

Many accuse Antifa for organization and incitement. Just who are they? The name stands for anti-fascist and they have been around for decades, maybe even going as far back as 1920’s Germany. They are extremely left in politics, dress in black, carry weapons such as pepper spray, Molotov cocktails, and bricks, and disrupt anything from a peaceful protest to a right-wing speaker event. They consider themselves champions of racial and sexual equality and despise all conservatives and the president. And by the way, they don’t do these social justice exercises for free. Agitators and protestors are bought and paid for by someone. Trails lead to Open Society, billionaire George Soros’s organizaiton.

What Is Antifa? Explaining the Movement to Confront the Far Right ...

Who is George Soros? The name probably rings a bell. He gets accused of being Satan on many right-winged websites, TV shows, podcasts, and YouTube channels. If he is involved, then why isn’t he cuffed and questioned at this very moment? At the very least, why isn’t he sued for the millions and billions of damage that Antifa has caused?

George Soros was born in 1930, in Hungary, as a Jew. He survived the Nazis and then the Communists probably because his father had the forsight to change the family name and pretend to be Christian. Some say that George has even turned against his own Jewish culture in his political ideology. Celebrities like Roseanne Barr accuse him of selling out his Jewish neighbors, family, and friends during World War II, behaving much like a Nazi himself. Soros has publically taken stands against both the U.S. and Israel in their Middle-Eastern policies.

Open Society Foundations to pull out of Hungary - EU-OCS ...

As a young man, George eventually makes his way to London and earns a degree in economics. He then moves to New York City in 1956. He begins his career working on Wall Street and then starts his own hedgefund called called the Soros Fund which later changed to the Quantum Fund. Later on he manipulates the British stock market, and becomes one of the richest people in the world. His networth varies, but he is at least worth eight billion dollars in addition to the tens of billions he has poured into “charities” that he also runs.

While climbing his way to the top, he becomes philanthropical in progressive, liberal, and global ideology and pours billions of dollars into various “charities”. Created in 1984, Open Society has an agenda of global initiatives “to advance justice, education, public health, business development and independent media.” The mission statement sounds virtually identical to U.N. agendas-and that’s probably not a coincidence. The foundation has done some good, but also has a motive. Open Society, like the name implies, is about globalization or New World Order. Soros literally wants to change the world. As he approaches his ninetieth birthday in August, time runs out and methods turn more radical.

In the past, Soros has showered both national and local Democratic politicians with millions, if not billions, of dollars in donations, all with the understanding that they will support his kind of “justice” and rule of “law”. Some of the more famous recipients of his campaign contributions are Obama, Clinton , and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is buying his version of Utopia within the United States.

Open Society, the 2nd largest foundation (Bill Gates Foundation is the 1st), is one of the many foundations George runs. On the homepage of the website, the organization has the look of sainthood, pitching their 130 million dollar donation to Covid 19, and their committment to human rights across the world. This organization states on its website that one of its goals is to give grants to groups and individuals who “promote tolerance, transparency, and open debate.”

Often accused of funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups, Open Society has also been accused of paying thugs to stir the pot in emotionally charged cities. Couldn’t all of this be cleared up with bank records, wire transfers, withdrawals, and other accounting tricks? Minneapolis’s city officials report that 80% of the those arrested for rioting and looting over the last four days are not even from the state. So where are they coming from, and whose money is bringing them in?

The Anti-Semitism Lurking Behind George Soros Conspiracy Theories ...

I have personally seen ads on Craigslist for political protestors. We know these people are professional. The media even points them out, as they wear black, have expensive gear and backpacks, and immediately take leadership within the crowd. How is it possible that Soros is not even questioned? Is it because he funds the very same leaders whose cities he destroys? Are leaders willing to let their cities burn for future Soros campaign dollars? Love to hear your thoughts.

Big Brother Alert: Are Contact Tracers A Good Thing?

As previously blogged, China and South Korea have taken drastic Big Brother measures in controlling the spread of Covid 19. Are we next? Currently, America is training citizens to become contact tracers. This new position requires a five-hour online class through John Hopkins. Once trained, the contact tracer informs others if they have been in contact with an infected Covid 19 patient, and then convinces the exposed to stay home for 14 days. A contact tracer calls the potentially exposed and warns them, but cannot mention the name of the infected person that they may have been in contact with. Governor Cuomo plans on hiring at least 1000 contact tracers just for New York City, and 17,000 total for the state. Other states are also in a frenzy, hiring as many tracers that qualify.

Sounds pretty benign, and maybe it is. However, there are questions. Does the recently diagnosed Covid 19 patient openly tell her/his doctor about all of the people they might have exposed? If so, then the tracers have something legit to go on. But what if the Covid patient doesn’t say anything? How would the contact tracers know who to call and warn?

Own a Smartphone, You're Under Audio Surveillance |

Cell phone location is currently being used in Europe, China, Israel, and South Korea. Is America also using it? Apparently, protection of the public supercedes privacy laws. And yes, California, with the help of Facebook maps, is using location data from cellphones. New Mexico and Colorado have also jumped on the bandwagon with more states to follow.

Facebook and Waze collect user information through GPS coordinates and Wifi signals. Bluetooth radios help public health officials. Google is also working alongside Facebook in the Covid tracking. These tech giants are working on a phone app that would require a code given to the Covid 19 paitent from his/her doctor. Through Wifi and GPS, anyone who came in contact with the Covid 19 patient would be alerted. The idea is that numeric codes would give some privacy to the identity of the Covid patients. This would eventually replace the contact tracers.

google – Things I'm Thinking About

All of this sounds like good ideas, but trust is a major issue with many Americans. Do we trust Facebook, the U.S. government, and others to turn everything off once Covid 19 goes away? How would we even know? These “helpful” tools can be turned into illegal surveillance overnight. Love to hear your thoughts and views! Stay safe, mis amigos! And BTW, my compelling big-brother novel, Crowns and Cabals, is currently on sale for .99! Download a copy!

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