Review of American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups by Douglas Cirignano

American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups by Douglas Cirignano is a nonfiction collection of various interviews from various key people involved in various conspiracies.  Mr. Cirignano has done an enormous amount of research in some of the most questionable historical events in America.  

The book begins with an interview with a WWII veteran about FDR and Pearl Harbor.  The author then interviews one of LBJ’s lawyers about the possibility of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s involvement in JFK’s assassination.  Another interview about Martin Luther King’s assassination follows.  All the interviews were loaded with interesting tidbits that have not been widely known or reported.

Cirignano interviews an IRS agent about the constitutionality of income tax.  This is followed up with the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Causes and cures over AIDs and cancer are other chapters.  He even interviews an activist on the accuracy of our voting.  The Oklahoma bombing as well as 911 are other chapters that question whether or not the government was involved with these acts of terrorism.  New World Order is mentioned once, twice, or maybe a few dozen times, but who is counting?  It’s becoming more and more obvious!

My Review:  This is a long book that is dense with information.  I especially loved Cirignano’s chapters on 911, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS.  For example, I did not know that a Bush (from the Bush Dynasty) was in charge of security at the World Trade Center.  Nor did I know that the independent council that followed 911 was ran by a Bush insider!  

The entire book was educational, informative, and well-written.  Without spoiling the book, it manages to add fuel to the New World Order fire that continues to burn brighter than ever throughout the world. Our country has sold out to bankers, big business, and overall greed.  We cannot rely on the media to tell us the truth as they are either part of the problem or just sheep like the rest of us.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves history and questions how it is written. BTW-I hope Mr. Cirignano follows up on the impeachment/Trump/etc. 5/5 Stars.

Movie Review: The Joker

The Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is the back-story behind Batman’s most infamous adversary before his transformation.  In the movie, Arthur Fleck is a mild-manner working clown who lives with his ailing mother in a run-down apartment.  He sees a state-funded social worker/psychologist and takes seven different kinds of medications.  Co-workers, street kids, and drunken businessmen bully him because he is different.  His most famous mental condition is an uncontrollable laugh that doesn’t fit the situation he is in.  He is severely depressed, but has one hope, and that’s to become a comedian.

Arthur lives part of the time in a delusional world as he daydreams about acceptance from a TV host and his attractive neighbor.  The help he receives isn’t much, but it keeps him productive and nonviolent.  And then the city drops all of its funding for mental health-no more meds and no more therapy sessions.  He also gets fired.  Without ruining the movie, this is when the breaking point occurs, and the rest is comic book history.

My Review: I couldn’t help but pity Arthur.  He’s an incredibly pathetic character.  But the characters in the movie see him as a receptor to vent out their own insecurities and aggression.  

The first three men Arthur kills were in self-defense (kind of). They were rich and worked for Thomas Wayne.  Their deaths give him a taste of power in an otherwise powerless situation.  As a result, the deaths of the rich men trigger a political movement.  

The city goes into full-blown chaos as the ‘Have-Nots’ pit themselves against the ‘Haves’, especially Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father who is also running for mayor. People clad in clown costumes call for revolution.  In the midst of the violence, Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents die.

This movie is brilliant in every way-acting, writing, directing, and more.  I am predicting lots of academy awards (unless the academy is on another social justice kick of who gets to win per their politics).  I not only love the Batman tie-in (huge fan of the Christian Bale’s Batman Begins series), but also love the bigger, more uncomfortable messages-lack of funding for the mentally ill, violent vigilantism, revenge, bullying, class warfare, and poverty.  There is plenty of controversy for all.  On a side note, the flick reminded me of an old movie with Michael Douglas, Falling Down. This is a movie that, like The Dark Knight, should be studied and used within English literature classes.  5 Star No Brainer!

Love to hear your thoughts and views.

Alien Con Dallas

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Alien Con.  I bought a one-day pass for myself and my two daughters.  With tax and the service charge, each ticket cost approximately 75.00.  The event took place at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in downtown Dallas.  

My day began at eight in the morning and ended at five.  Every minute was filled with something to do.  The day began with an Alien Con photographer photographing my daughters for the event’s social media.  Both girls stood out from the crowd in the morning, wearing tinfoil hats, Roswell shirts, and alien socks.  As the day wore on, other festive guests out-did them in alien-inspired fashion.

One guest looked just like Giorgio Tsoukalos.  He won the costume contest at the end of the day.  Other guests wore tinfoil hats, alien eye headbands, and other martian ensembles.  The friendly crowd was light and humorous, yet filled with intelligence and wonder.  We were all there to learn even more about alien conspiracy.

Tinfoil Fashion

Our first panel of experts took the main stage and told us all about some of the current events taking place within the alien community.  The guests included Alejandro Rojas (an alien reporter), Caroline Corey (an abducted woman), a lady from Mufon, and Nick Pope.  The once-mocked subject is now taken seriously on mainstream news programs.  

Nick Pope (Ancient Aliens and other alien shows) even brought up his guest appearances on Tucker Carlson, a mainstream Fox News commentator.  During his last TV news guest spot, Nick reported on navy pilots who witnessed and videoed UAPs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (the new acronym for UFOs).  For those who don’t know Nick Pope’s background, he used to work for the U.K. Defense Department before becoming a famous alien expert. I’m guessing the new name change of UAP is an effort to give extraterrestrial spacecraft sightings more credibility.

The next lecture featured science fiction used in movies.  Dr. Jonathan Young (Ancient Aliens) led the discussion and used the movie The Arrival as an example of soft-disclosure.  I stood in line and asked him in the microphone if he believed that Hollywood was doing the government’s bidding in breaking it to us gently that we were never alone in the universe or even earth.  He tapped dance around the question by claiming he had no direct knowledge, yet I wondered if he was being sincere.  I still loved the lecture.  He was as intellectual in person as he is on the show.

Dr. Jonathan Young

My daughters and I had a quick lunch and then got in line for the Ancient Alien panel about 5 minutes before it started.  Unfortunately, there were too many people in line and we had to sit that one out.  We hung out in the marketplace and bought some over-priced souvenirs.  My daughters were interviewed for an upcoming documentary.  They were soooooo nice by mentioning me, their favorite writer, and love for aliens.  

We got back in line.  This time early, and saw the panel from Ghost Hunters.  I love the show and was lucky enough to be on Ghost Hunter podcast on two different occasions.  The new season will have a new cast of paranormal experts.  They were bright, funny, and interesting. 

Ghost Hunters

We left the Ghost Hunter forum early to get in line.  It was the last chance of the day for us to see the Ancient Aliens Giorgio Tsoukalos, Jason Martell, and David Childress.  They were my favorite panel, as I knew they would be.  Their moderator asked them questions about the Mayans and South American findings.  All of them agreed that Puma Punku was the smoking gun that proved their ancient alien theory.  At the end of their lecture, guests lined up for questions.  Some of the people were a little out there. Giorgio kept the question line moving.  One guest asked Giorgio if he accepted Christ as his Savior.  He refused to answer, and said something like church and state separation.  On a side note, Giorgio’s souvenir stand had a Christmas ornament sale with Joseph, Mary, and a baby alien.  I am not sure what to make of that, but religion was definitely a topic brought up in all of the discussion rooms.


Overall, my only regret was not buying the “Galactic Pass” for all three days.  The pass gave you “cuts” in line as well as access to some of the panels that required additional fees.  I had a mind-blowing experience and really got my money’s worth.  My daughters also enjoyed themselves and now love Ancient Aliens.  The crowd was as diverse as it gets-every age and race.  Many were from different parts of Texas and some were even from different states.  One guest who was from Seattle told us he came without a ticket and almost couldn’t get in because the event was sold out.  He got lucky because someone who bought a ticket never showed up.  I went to Roswell Fest with my husband three years ago and had a blast.  This was equally entertaining and educational.

Review of Glen Craney’s Spider and the Stone

The Spider and the Stone is a quasi-fictional/historical account of Robert de Bruce’s reign.  The book begins around early 1300 A.D. in Scotland.  William Wallace (think Mel Gibson/Braveheart) has died a most horrific hanging/disembowelment, leaving Scotland wide open for a new ruler.  The Scottish clans are feuding among themselves while England (King Edward/Longshanks) is vying for control.  The hero of this true tale is Black Douglas, or Jamie Douglas, who sides with Robert the Bruce to gain peace among the nation while driving back the English.  But the peace doesn’t last long.

The title is taken from a famous Scottish legend about Jamie Douglas who is losing.  His men are outnumbered, out-financed, and out-weaponed.  While sitting in a cave, he sees a spider who is unsuccessfully building a web.  The spider never gives up and creates a beautiful masterpiece.  In Scottish lore it is Robert the Bruce who was inspired by the spider, and not Jamie Douglas, but all the same, it changed Scotland’s future.  In the end, if you know your history, Robert’s son David becomes Scotland’s king at the age of five after Robert’s death.

My Review:

This book had everything-tons of history and research, great writing, romance, and a few additional characters Mister Craney threw into the story to make things even more interesting.  I especially found the Culdees fascinating.  This sect of Druids are said to be the original Christians within Europe-not the Catholics.  As a KT buff, I loved the role the Templars played after they were excommunicated from France.  Craney gave the Black Douglas a love interest that worked well throughout the story.  Other real characters I enjoyed learning about were Isabella from France and the Comyn clan.  This is a MUST read for history lovers.  I’ve read Craney’s books before and they are all great, but this one is my favorite to date. He loves history as well as conspiracy. 5/5 Stars.

U.S. vs. China: NWO Inner Circle Power Play?

The news has dedicated a lot of time warning us all about the negative consequences of a trade war between China and the U.S. This ongoing problem is only part of the real story. Frank Fontaine, a personal friend and contributor, emailed me an article that blew me away, and, at the same time, had me thinking of where this all was going. Something far more sinister than trade wars will soon come to a head.

What is more important than trade? Death, as in an AI killer robot war. The U.N. is and has been involved since 2014. The yahoo article Frank sent me gives two examples-drones attacking like killer bees and self-driving cars mowing down targets. But everything is cool-China “promised” not to use these new kinds of technologies in battle. However, there was no mention that China would stop inventing and producing more AI gadgets that could be used as weapons.

China has three corporations who currently have mastered the arts of voice and facial recognition. China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) plans on creating new types of autonomous combat systems such as drones firing machine guns and unmanned submarines.

Does the U.S. also have killer robots? Of course they do. A former Google engineer, Laura Nolan, was asked to help out in U.S. military drone project. She believes that AI weapons will be the end of us and leads a campaign to outlaw AI.

What does this have to with New World Order? Population control and inner circle status are two angles that come straight into my mind. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Immigration and New World Order

For many years I have wondered about America’s immigration program. Immigrants from impoverished countries risk their lives only to live in poverty of another country. I admire their persistence for a better life. The American dream has become reality for millions, so who could blame them for coming?

But this dream comes with a hefty price tag, and the immigrants are not the ones who pay. Their hard work that earns them slave wages has an adverse affect on other Americans’ salaries. But that’s only part of the problem. Upon arrival, immigrants are directed by certain Americans to the offices of this great country’s entitlement programs.

Healthcare is an entire problem by itself. Immigrants are again directed to the emergency rooms of American hospitals and informed that medical services will be free if utilized correctly. BTW-the American ER is the most expensive form of healthcare in the world. So if the immigrant doesn’t pay for his medical services, does his employer? Of course not! Slave wages plus zero healthcare benefits increase profit margin. The insurance companies don’t pay either. And the doctors, nurses, staff? They certainly don’t work for free. But the next guy who comes in, the guy who pays for his insurance, will have a bigger bill to recoup the free services. But his insurance pays….And the insurance just raises its premiums. And in the end of this shakedown, the same schmuck who is overworked and overtaxed, is also overcharged for his premiums.

But bleeding heart liberals will tell you it’s the “right” thing to do. We are all human and need to treat each other with compassion. So how much does all of this humanitarianism cost? So far this year, 183 BILLION dollars per OANN’s illegal cost/debt clock:

My question, and quite frankly it should be the entire country’s question, is this: Why are we paying for this? No other country in the world is this generous. Plus, we are 22/23 TRILLION in debt. Shutting down immigrant handouts would be a no-brainer in the art of cutting costs. On a micro scale, it would be like cutting out the nail salon, doggie daycare, and gym membership after losing your job. No one needs the expense. Again, why pay for this?

Most news junkies will tell you it’s all about big-business and their lobby for immigrant workers. Farming corporations and manufacturers just couldn’t survive without the undocumented newcomer, so money is thrown Congress’s way. Those in power look the other way and in some circumstances, even encourage illegal immigration.

That’s part of it, but the big business who uses these poor marginalized souls for bigger profits only scratches the surface. Third World uneducated and low-skilled immigrants drain a society while making a small handful of elites even richer. Again, no one can blame an immigrant for trying to pull himself up from his bootstraps. They are the pawns in this whole sanctuary city/anchorbaby/chainmigration/moderndayslavery system we currently have. They are the means that will justify The End, and The End is called New World Order.

Disrupting the shaky economies of the rich West (Europe and America) causes social division and can collapse the economy, making rich countries within the world vulnerable to a takeover.

NeedToKnow News reported a whistle-blower from Missouri who spelled out the true motives of immigration. The U.N. played and continues to play a huge part in immigrant mobilization. Their Agenda 2030 demands it. The world has agreed to “end poverty”. How? By forcing rich countries to absorb additional poverty, or socialism.

Immigrants with contagious diseases are overlooked. Most illegals come into an area in the dead of the night when transportation is at its cheapest and no one is awake to complain. Third party organizations such as Catholic Charities, Lutheran programs, and Jewish Vocational Services are hooked up with the Wilson-Fish program. This program allows the U.S. government to circumvent the states’ laws in terms of immigration settlement. These private religious organizations receive 2500 per each relocated immigrant. Immigrants have even more benefits than I realized.

I want to stress that I am a 3rd generation citizen of immigration. In the days of old, immigrants came here and received nothing. Their living arrangements, medical, education, food, EVERYTHING, was on them. Taxpayers were not involved. Can we go back? Of course not. The inner circle wants to erase our borders and allowing anyone to live here is just the way to do it.

Crowns and Cabals fictionalizes how some Americans might act after a global takeover. No borders is the first step to New World Order. Love your opinion. Please leave a comment.