Will Texas Secede if Biden Wins?

Historical reminder: Texas was once upon a time its own country, the Republic of Texas (1836-1846). Texans were once called Texians. The country’s leader was President Sam Houston with Secretary of State Stephen Austin. The original capitol was Houston, and then two years later it was changed to Austin. Mexico refused to recognize Texas’s sovereignty, and the two countries continued to battle over boundaries. In December of 1845, Texas was officially annexed to the United States as a slave state, but Mexican squabbles continued. Historians credit this event as the trigger for the Mexican-American war in 1846-1848.

Texas Secession: State Has a Long History of Trying to Leave | Time

Most of us know the rest of the story. A dozen years later the Civil War errupted. The south lost, and slavery was declared illegal and the law of the land. Texans were not happy with the results and maintained the “Confederate” flag as well as their own flag. Still to this day, Texas has a uniqueness that one might envy or despise. They possess the most recognizable flag within the country, a separate pledge of allegiance, and a cowboy mentality. Texas has become one of most important states within the U.S., leading in energy, business, technology, and electoral votes. Secession of the 1800s was forgotten…or does history repeat?

Maritato Civil War Gettysburg Texas Art Print HOOD'S TEXANS CSA Texas  Brigade #Realism | Civil war art, War art, Civil war artwork
Texas in the Civil War

In the 1990s, the idea of seceding from the Union recirculated. Richard Lance McLaren started a new movement claiming that Texas was annexed illegally. He was a Christian who was against globalization (which I call New World Order). The Branch-Davidian-Waco fiasco only spurred on his movement, proving massive abuse by the federal government. There was a standoff between McLaren and his small group of rebels and the Texas Department of Federal Safety. McLaren lost and was convicted of kidnapping hostages, mail fraud, and bank fraud.

McLaren’s movement was not in vain. Daniel Miller picked up the momentum, starting the Texas Nationalist Movement. However, Miller disassociated himself from McLaren. He wanted a political solution, not a violent one. As membership grew, politicians recognized their goals. Governor Rick Perry mentioned a possibility of secession in 2009.

Gov. Perry doesn't want Texas to secede
Gov. Rick Perry

Fast forward to now, October of 2020. President Donald Trump is the favorite of the two candidates within this movement. What if he loses? Many Texans are already enraged that there have been several instances of cheating by leading Democrats within the state (most recently in Carrollton, TX with the democratic mayoral candidate allegedly forging at least 84 mail-in ballots). Much unrest regarding violent BLM protests and attacks on police have also polarized residents.

Texas Nationalist Movement | Facebook

On the Texas National Movement website, tnm.me, loose plans are already being constructed to leave the U.S. Will the rise of the South come into play? LOVE to hear your views/comments/anything!

What is QAnon?

QAnon Conspiracies on Facebook Could Prompt Real-World Violence ...

QAnon is an extreme rightwing group who believes that the Democratic Party is a group of pedophiles/devil worshippers or a group who aids and abets pedophiles/devil worshippers. QAnon has also claimed that the Dems practice vampirism, eating children and drinking their blood in hopes of prolonging their natural lives. QAnon has aligned themselves with Trump and believe that the Satanic Dems will stop at nothing to unseat him in this upcoming election.

The elusive name comes from an anonymous Internet post on 4chan in 2017 written by “Q Clearance Patriot”. This was eventually shortened to “Q” and “Anon” for anonymous was added. Q claims to be a high-ranking intelligence officer with explosive insider information. QAnon is also called “The Storm”, a term Trump used while supposedly referring to QAnon as “the calm, before the storm.”

What is QAnon, the viral pro-Trump conspiracy theory? - Capital ...

Q “drops” or posts messages regarding the Democratic cabal. Although Q might be blamed for “Pizzagate”, a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and sex trafficking, most believe Q and QAnon are more of a sequel. Many believe this so-called dangerous group trades coded messages with Trump. For example, if Trump mentions the number 17, he is referencing “Q” because it’s the 17th letter of the alphabet.

Although there is no proof that the Democratic Party is a bunch of Satanic child molesters, the news has given the movement some legs. The Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell “Pedo-Island” regulars include many Washington elites, mostly Democratic, and royalty like Prince Andrew. Had Jeffrey Epstein not “killed himself”, we would have an even longer list of creeps. Netflix’s Cuties, a show that sexualizes 11 year olds, was recently removed due to public outcry. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s golden producer and Democratic donor, was charged with serial rape. Kevin Spacey of House of Cards was accused of having affairs with minor boys. Years ago, the two Coreys, Cory Feldman and Cory Heim, reported being sexually abused during their childhood by Hollywood’s finest while acting in films. Additionally, several pedophiles were released from jail in reponse to Covid 19. Is there really a cabal?

Netflix Withdraws 'Inappropriate' Cuties Poster with Apology
Cuties-Canceled on Netflix
No photo description available.
Dem’s Snazzy New Symbol

Coincidentally, the Dems have also taken on the Baphomet symbol.

AQnon recently hijacked Bill Gates’s foundation #SavetheChildren on social media. Tomorrow, they plan on having their own rallies in dozens of cities across America. I looked all over the Internet and couldn’t find detailed information. Facebook and Twitter have banned all of their posts. Crowns and Cabals, my latest and greatest novel, explores demonic cabals who abuse children.

Thoughts and views?????

Cashless Society Step 1: Get Rid of Gold

Much talk about doing away with cash has been circulating. Cash and coin have always been unique to each country, her leaders, culture, and economy. If the world becomes cashless, would buying and selling goods be easier? Would poor economies rise? Would wealthy economies fall? These questions are central to the formation of a one world government, or New World Order. Secret societies have dreamt of this moment for centuries. U.S. President Nixon eliminated the gold standard in 1971. Switzerland was the last country in the world to go off of the gold standard in 1999.

So why has the world abandoned gold? There a lots of reasons. The most popular and publically stated reason is this: Gold supply could not keep up with monetary supply.

The pros of gold have always been a stable economy and a firm handle on inflation. Gold has held intrinsic value since the beginning of time. An economy based on gold would be protected from national debt. The gold standard would reduce spending, especially defense spending, which would ultimately prevent costly wars. Bailing out greedy corporations would not happen because there would not be enough gold to irresponsibly share.

The cons of the gold standard claim that the system hampers economic growth. Some experts blamed the gold standard as a reason for the Great Depression, causing panics at banks and stock market swings. Some even say that gold mining is an environmental problem. A pro and a con, depending on your viewpoint, is that gold prevents governments from excessively spending and overprinting money.

Today, an ounce of gold costs approximately $1856.00. It was $279.00 in 2000, $38.90 in 1970, and $20.67 in 1900. One can argue that the price of gold skyrocketed after it no longer backed the U.S. dollar. Although many responsible economists believe going back to the gold standard might solve many of the U.S.’s problems, the country is too far gone into fiat currency to ever go back.

US has already exceeded 2023 projections!!!!!!!

Right now, cash only accounts for 5% of all transactions in America. Most consumers pay electronically either with credit or debit. We are that much closer to getting rid of cash. The U.S. is 26.5 trillion (https://www.usdebtclock.org/) in debt, and with more unemployment/government spending, we will be around 30 trillion by year’s end, a number that all economists agree is a security problem. So where is the stimulus money coming from? Thin air. The Federal Reserve just prints it out. There will be a price for this later on.

We have bitcoin and other crypto-currency already in place. Is that where we are going? Or will we be under a global currency system of “credits”? As Shakespeare said, “All that glitters is not gold.” While Americans are arguing over masks, “The Star Spangled Banner”, statues, and Covid 19, no one is watching the money. And when no one is watching, our elite inner circle is presented with an opportunity of a millenium. Over the next couple of weeks more blog posts about gold, money, and economics are to come! Subscribe, comment, and share!

Are We Heading Towards a Cashless Society?

Cashless society — a dream or a reality?

Gold and silver were used as currency in advanced societies throughout the centuries. It wasn’t until the 20th Century that things started to change. In 1971, President Nixon officially took America off of the gold standard, but the plan had been in place for decades. President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt ordered that gold coins and certificates worth more than one hundred dollars be turned into the Federal Reserve in May of 1933. His exorbitant fines insured that the government’s confiscation would be successful. A couple of weeks after the order, the government collected three hundred million dollars worth of gold coin and four hundred and seventy million in gold certificates. Gold increased from $20/oz. to $35/oz. which increased the Federal Reserve’s balance by 69%. Does this sound like an “inside-job”? The U.S. as well as other countries have been pulling these kinds of stunts for years. More posts will come about bailouts, the Federal Reserve, and banks. But for now, I want to blog about a cashless society.

Roosevelt's gold confiscation: could it happen again? - Telegraph
FDR Gold Confiscation

President Ford allowed Americans to buy gold in 1974. It’s currently worth around $1600/oz. Silver is also available (around $20/oz.). But what about cash? Is it really only worth the paper it’s printed on? Lately, major retailers and grocery chains are claiming they are out of change. Why?

Kroger, a grocery chain, publically stated that they would give the customer change from the purchase on their loyalty card. Walmart, 7-11, and CVS are encouraging customers to use their credit cards. The Federal Reserve says, “With establishments like retail shops, bank branches, transit authorities and laundromats closed, the typical places where coin enters our society have slowed or even stopped the normal circulation of coin.”

The End I: New World Order | The Verge

Again, this is the same establishment who profitted off of FDR’s gold confiscation in the ’30s. Is coronavirus to blame? Forbes Magazine talked about the pros/cons of America going cashless in February earlier this year, right before the coronavirus shutdowns. Here’s a summary of what they had to say:


Speeds up transactions

No counting back change

Merchants don’t need to keep the cash on hand which cuts down on security and insurance

(Not in the article) Now retailers especially like credit and debit cards because their employees don’t gave to touch the germy money


Cost (credit cards get kickbacks from merchants for their use so prices would increase)

Data breaches among consumers

Security-related costs with data breaches

(Not in the article) Lastly, a computer trail of everything the consumer purchases

So is a cashless society a good thing or is it part of a one world government-New World Order? Our credit and debit cards are replacing our money, and our money replaced our precious metal currency. Who will benefit the most from getting rid of coin and currency? Leave a comment!

Hamilton and New World Order

UPDATE: 7-19-20

To add onto this article, Disney has issued a warning label on the play.


The Disney Channel recently released the mega-hit play Hamilton to stream. I really wanted to see the play live last year when it came to Dallas. Ticket prices were at least $300, and that was for crappy seats. Friends told me the tickets were even more expensive in Chicago. I heard that the play commanded over a $1000 in New York City. My daughers and I jumped at the chance to see it for free.

The story is an entertaining biography of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton’s genius can be read inside of the thousands of pages he wrote during the American Revolution and the early formation of the United States. He died at 47 or 49 by the hands of Aaron Burr, the 3rd Vice-President of the U.S. (under Jefferson) in a duel.

Born in the West Indies, Alexander was raised by a single-mom and absentee dad. His mom died when he was 13 years old, leaving him to fend for himself. He came to America as an immigrant and achieved the American Dream. He was involved in setting up Black troops during the American Revolution and was also an outspoken abolitionist.

Hamilton was by far perfect, which the play touches upon. He cheated with his wife and was blackmailed. Eventually, his affair became public and ruined all his presidential aspirations. Hamilton may have also had an affair with his sister-in-law. He ironically encouraged his son to participate in a duel, and paid the ultimate price when his son was fatally shot.

With his reputation destroyed and his teenage son dead, Alexander’s ambitions evaporated. Jefferson and he were always at odds, but Jefferson had his respect because of Jefferson’s convictions. Aaron Burr was a different story. The two of them met while young men during the American Revolution. Their relationship was always lukewarm, although Burr attended Hamilton’s wedding. Hamilton labeled Burr a man who stood for nothing, even going as far as to endorse Jefferson’s presidential campaign instead of Burr’s. This insult led to Burr challenging him to a duel, which he unfortunately accepted, changing history forever.

The play had almost no dialogue with the story told through song. The original soundtrack combined traditional show tunes with rap music. I am not a big fan of rap, but loved the way it was integrated into the songs. I may even purchase the soundtrack. The actors and actresses belted out pages of poetry while keeping a melodious tune. Everyone in the play danced the big Broadway numbers expected by musical fans.

The cast was as diverse as America with most races represented. American forefathers were played by Blacks and Latinos. The idea reminded me of one of favorite TV musical movies, Cinderella (with Brandi). My kids must have watched Cincerella 50 times. Hamilton was much better. Not only did it deliver on what an expensive musical should be, it also honored American history. I heard that one of the actors ragged on Trump and modern politics in an unscripted aside, but that was not part of the Disney released performance. It kept its distance from politics and focused on history. I highly recommend this for all who love musicals. I have seen dozens of them, and this play quickly became one of my favorites. When Covid 19 is over and the play comes back to Dallas, I will not hesitate to buy an expensive ticket.



As mentioned above, Hamilton was an American hero who would have eventually became president. He rightfully found a permanent place on the ten dollar bill. As mentioned above, the brilliant musical honored and taught the audience about one of our forefathers.

So what’s the problem? Apparently, our cancel culture has a major problem with it. In an article from DailyMail, the author blasts the play for inaccurately portraying Alexander Hamilton as a forefather who mattered. Some of the laundry list of sins that demonize the legend include his marriage because it really was a career move, his rich father-in-law who owned slaves, his ambition which was not about anti-slavery, but really about his need to social-climb, his butt-kissing towards Washington and Phillip Schuyler who were both slave owners, accusations made by Abigail Adams who supposedly told her husband that Alexander was really a Julius Caesar and a 2nd Bonaparte, and finally how he attacked poor Burr, the real hero????, through his writings. This is not just a critique, it’s a demand to cancel the play forever. And it’s not just the DailyMail. Many groups want Hamilton to die.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the actor and singer who stars as Alexander Hamilton as well as being the creative mastermind behind the play, is now openly criticized as being pro-slavery. The take-away from all of this is: We MUST cancel a play about an American hero who despite being a famous abolitionist, had friends and family members who legally owned slaves.

Our country is being transformed into something unrecognizable. Could it be New World Order? Post a comment. Love to hear what you have to say.

Is #CivilWar2 the Beginning of New World Order?

Order by Chaos

2020 has been one of the most turbulent years of American history, and it’s not even over. Impeachment, Covid 19, and now a call for change within our country’s justice system. Whatever your beliefs are and whoever you stand behind, no one can argue that the media has done an amazing job in pitting Americans against other Americans. But then that’s the point.

Every night TV viewers are shown riots and protests. Getting rid of police is now a real thing. Some news channels are worried about the drastic changes and some news networks are excited about the possibility of real change. Oddly, both sides complement each other-a ying and a yang of hate that flow in a peaceful algorithim to ensure continuing chaos.

One of the complaints that stem from the protesters is the display of Confederate statues. As a Yankee, I get it! However, those statues are history and America is still a democracy. If parts of community do not like certain statues and monuments, then city officials should call a referendum on whether or not they need to be taken down. We all know that’s not happening.

There is one Confederate statue that I have a problem with-Albert Pike. He is the one who started this-all of this-right down to the letter, yet his statue, only blocks away from the Capitol, seems relatively unscathed. BLM did do some spray painting on the base, but the statue is still in tact.

Albert Pike lived from 1809-1891, and was arguably the most influential leader of the Freemasons for several decades. He ascended to a 33rd degree mason, the highest degree of the Scottish Rite. He was originally from Massachusetts, and then made his way to Mexico, eventually settling down for years in Arkansas. He worked as a teacher and then a lawyer. Once the Civil War broke out, he rose to Brigadier General for the Confederacy. He had some problems with authority, but fellow Freemason/President Andrew Johnson quickly pardoned him after the war and Lincoln’s death. Pike moved to Washington D.C. in 1868 and threw himself into Freemasonry. Many believe he founded the Klu Klux Klan, although that has yet to be proven. He wrote a very famous quasi-handbook/essay/philosophy for the freemasonry called Morals and Dogma which helped the Freemasons with organization and growth.

In Morals and Dogma, Pike infamously stated, “Lucifer, the Light-bearer!  Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!  Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!  Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?  Doubt it not!”

Besides being a fan of the devil, Albert Pike was very involved in global politics. There is some evidence to suggest that he and other inner circle freemason members planned a global takeover over a century ago. Albert Pike was most famously known for a letter written by him in 1871 to Italian revolutionary and Freemason Guiseppe Mazzini. To paraphrase the letter, he famously described three needed world wars to happen for a global takeover. The first war was about overthrowing the czars in Russia-sound familiar? Russian Revolution in 1917 was when our Communist friends, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin ended the Russian monarchy. The war was meant to destroy religion and other types of governments. The second world war was described as a war between Nazis and Zionists with the end goal of creating Israel. Again, sound familiar? Lastly, our third world war was planned to overthrow democracy. Please read below in Pike’s words.

We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Do you think Pike was right?

On another note, the Civil War ends with the burning of Atlanta. Atlanta is burning, and will probably burn some more. Coincidence, or self-fulfilling prophecy? Love to read your comments! BTW-Shameless plug, my 1st book The Last Degree was about New World Order and Freemasons-check it out if interested. A lot of research went into the story.

Who is Antifa and Who is George Soros?

This week has turned into a war zone since the tragic death of George Floyd. As everyone knows, the man was murdered while complying with a policeman who arrested him for counterfeiting. Three other policemen watched as the officer kneed the defenseless man’s neck, and the rest is history. We can all agree that if someone had not videoed the incident, the police would have claimed a different scenario which has probably happened too many times to count each year in urban America. My rant or post is not about the politics, but about the aftermath of the inciting incident. Police brutality is not new, but these enormous, perfectly timed, nationally wide riots are. In sync, American cities burn, and looters steal in the name of “fill in the blank“. So how are these “protests” so proficiently coordinated?

News about ANTIFA

Many accuse Antifa for organization and incitement. Just who are they? The name stands for anti-fascist and they have been around for decades, maybe even going as far back as 1920’s Germany. They are extremely left in politics, dress in black, carry weapons such as pepper spray, Molotov cocktails, and bricks, and disrupt anything from a peaceful protest to a right-wing speaker event. They consider themselves champions of racial and sexual equality and despise all conservatives and the president. And by the way, they don’t do these social justice exercises for free. Agitators and protestors are bought and paid for by someone. Trails lead to Open Society, billionaire George Soros’s organizaiton.

What Is Antifa? Explaining the Movement to Confront the Far Right ...

Who is George Soros? The name probably rings a bell. He gets accused of being Satan on many right-winged websites, TV shows, podcasts, and YouTube channels. If he is involved, then why isn’t he cuffed and questioned at this very moment? At the very least, why isn’t he sued for the millions and billions of damage that Antifa has caused?

George Soros was born in 1930, in Hungary, as a Jew. He survived the Nazis and then the Communists probably because his father had the forsight to change the family name and pretend to be Christian. Some say that George has even turned against his own Jewish culture in his political ideology. Celebrities like Roseanne Barr accuse him of selling out his Jewish neighbors, family, and friends during World War II, behaving much like a Nazi himself. Soros has publically taken stands against both the U.S. and Israel in their Middle-Eastern policies.

Open Society Foundations to pull out of Hungary - EU-OCS ...

As a young man, George eventually makes his way to London and earns a degree in economics. He then moves to New York City in 1956. He begins his career working on Wall Street and then starts his own hedgefund called called the Soros Fund which later changed to the Quantum Fund. Later on he manipulates the British stock market, and becomes one of the richest people in the world. His networth varies, but he is at least worth eight billion dollars in addition to the tens of billions he has poured into “charities” that he also runs.

While climbing his way to the top, he becomes philanthropical in progressive, liberal, and global ideology and pours billions of dollars into various “charities”. Created in 1984, Open Society has an agenda of global initiatives “to advance justice, education, public health, business development and independent media.” The mission statement sounds virtually identical to U.N. agendas-and that’s probably not a coincidence. The foundation has done some good, but also has a motive. Open Society, like the name implies, is about globalization or New World Order. Soros literally wants to change the world. As he approaches his ninetieth birthday in August, time runs out and methods turn more radical.

In the past, Soros has showered both national and local Democratic politicians with millions, if not billions, of dollars in donations, all with the understanding that they will support his kind of “justice” and rule of “law”. Some of the more famous recipients of his campaign contributions are Obama, Clinton , and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is buying his version of Utopia within the United States.

Open Society, the 2nd largest foundation (Bill Gates Foundation is the 1st), is one of the many foundations George runs. On the homepage of the website, the organization has the look of sainthood, pitching their 130 million dollar donation to Covid 19, and their committment to human rights across the world. This organization states on its website that one of its goals is to give grants to groups and individuals who “promote tolerance, transparency, and open debate.”

Often accused of funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups, Open Society has also been accused of paying thugs to stir the pot in emotionally charged cities. Couldn’t all of this be cleared up with bank records, wire transfers, withdrawals, and other accounting tricks? Minneapolis’s city officials report that 80% of the those arrested for rioting and looting over the last four days are not even from the state. So where are they coming from, and whose money is bringing them in?

The Anti-Semitism Lurking Behind George Soros Conspiracy Theories ...

I have personally seen ads on Craigslist for political protestors. We know these people are professional. The media even points them out, as they wear black, have expensive gear and backpacks, and immediately take leadership within the crowd. How is it possible that Soros is not even questioned? Is it because he funds the very same leaders whose cities he destroys? Are leaders willing to let their cities burn for future Soros campaign dollars? Love to hear your thoughts.

Big Brother Alert: Are Contact Tracers A Good Thing?

As previously blogged, China and South Korea have taken drastic Big Brother measures in controlling the spread of Covid 19. Are we next? Currently, America is training citizens to become contact tracers. This new position requires a five-hour online class through John Hopkins. Once trained, the contact tracer informs others if they have been in contact with an infected Covid 19 patient, and then convinces the exposed to stay home for 14 days. A contact tracer calls the potentially exposed and warns them, but cannot mention the name of the infected person that they may have been in contact with. Governor Cuomo plans on hiring at least 1000 contact tracers just for New York City, and 17,000 total for the state. Other states are also in a frenzy, hiring as many tracers that qualify.

Sounds pretty benign, and maybe it is. However, there are questions. Does the recently diagnosed Covid 19 patient openly tell her/his doctor about all of the people they might have exposed? If so, then the tracers have something legit to go on. But what if the Covid patient doesn’t say anything? How would the contact tracers know who to call and warn?

Own a Smartphone, You're Under Audio Surveillance | ncavf.com

Cell phone location is currently being used in Europe, China, Israel, and South Korea. Is America also using it? Apparently, protection of the public supercedes privacy laws. And yes, California, with the help of Facebook maps, is using location data from cellphones. New Mexico and Colorado have also jumped on the bandwagon with more states to follow.

Facebook and Waze collect user information through GPS coordinates and Wifi signals. Bluetooth radios help public health officials. Google is also working alongside Facebook in the Covid tracking. These tech giants are working on a phone app that would require a code given to the Covid 19 paitent from his/her doctor. Through Wifi and GPS, anyone who came in contact with the Covid 19 patient would be alerted. The idea is that numeric codes would give some privacy to the identity of the Covid patients. This would eventually replace the contact tracers.

google – Things I'm Thinking About

All of this sounds like good ideas, but trust is a major issue with many Americans. Do we trust Facebook, the U.S. government, and others to turn everything off once Covid 19 goes away? How would we even know? These “helpful” tools can be turned into illegal surveillance overnight. Love to hear your thoughts and views! Stay safe, mis amigos! And BTW, my compelling big-brother novel, Crowns and Cabals, is currently on sale for .99! Download a copy!

What’s a Plandemic and Who is Dr. Mikovits?

A YouTube video starring Dr. Judy Mikovits piqued the interests of many Americans. First off, the interview with Mikovits was originally taken off of YouTube because it “violated” YouTube’s stance regarding the coronavirus. But no worries. Someone re-posted the video and changed the video’s title just enough so that we can still find the video. Here is the current link, but beware, it might be taken down very soon:


judy mikovits

So what’s all of the fuss about? Who is Judy Mikovits and why is she currently censored? The Plandemic is a broad term used for how the coronvirus is more of an opportunity for some to gain more wealth and power while controlling the bulk of the population. Those who speak the truth will die, like the scientists in China and most recently Pennslyvania. Many people question China’s explanation, the U.S.’s involvement with China, Dr. Fauci, and Bill Gates’s obession with a vaccine. So let me start from the beginning.

Dr. Judy Mikovits had an amazing career studying retroviruses and molecular virology. She began as a research doctor for the National Cancer Institute. Later on in 2006, Mikovits accepted a position as Director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute with an agenda of finding the viral cause of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She found XMRV (a virus) in the DNA of CFS patients. In spite of her and a colleague’s discovery, only the negative results were published. Some claimed that her lab results were contaminated, but Dr. Mikovits wouldn’t back down. In 2011, the doctor was fired. She was then accused of stealing lab notebooks and jailed for five days in Nevada. She was never charged with any crime, but her career and reputation were compromised. She adamently believed the Deep State and Big Pharma sabatoged her findings.

The Truth About Big Pharma's Patent Abuse - CSRxP

After her termination, Dr. Mikovits reinvented herself, becoming a leading spokeswoman for anti-vaccinations. Although she is not an anti-vaxxer, she claimed that many vaccines were contaminated with 30% of retroviruses. Again, the only purpose many vaccines seemed to serve was making Big Pharma even richer. Recently, she opened up about her thoughts on Covid 19. She stated that coronavirus-fighting drugs that work such as hydroxychloroquine are shunned because of their expired patent/lack of profitability.

New drug Remdesivir and eventually Bill Gates’s dream vaccination are different. Think patents, vaccine mandates, and LOTS of MONEY. BTW-Remdesivir is an entire blog post in its own right. Gilead will produce the drug, but China will hold the patent because of a drug-sharing patent program called Unitaid. Guess who owns Unitaid? W.H.O., Bill and Melinda Gates, and George Soros. And it’s in Wuhan.

Coronavirus & The Deep State - UNITAID, Gilead Sciences & WuXi ...

Back to the good Dr. Mikovits-she brings up some great points in this “banned” YouTube video. To begin with, she believes the coronavirus is not the big bad wolf the world has made it out to be. The death rate is completely manipulated. Doctors are encouraged to mark the coronavirus box as the cause of death. Now why would a doctor so this? Medicare pays 13,000 for a coronavirus death and 39,0000 for a coronavirus death with respirator. That’s a big one right there. The dead patient doesn’t even have to be officially tested if death appears to be coronavirus. The doctor also believes the political climate in the U.S. along with the corrupted medical industry and their love affair with Big Pharma are also to blame. The clip is only a half an hour. I would love to hear more from this very interesting lady.

For the record, I believe that coronavirus is a potentially deadly virus. However, I question the severity of government policies that it has created. Did you see the video? What did you think? Love to hear from you. Leave a comment.

Author Douglas Cirignano of Conspiracies and Cover-Ups Stops By!

 I read American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups a few months ago and LOVED it! (A reposting of the review follows) Mr. Cirignano was kind enough to grant me an interview that focuses on his book as well as his thoughts on other conspiracies. This Q and A is below.

Q: Where did you find your interviewees?  How long did it take for you to compile all of this information?

A: The interviewees are some of the most well known conspiracy theory authors in the world. They are some of the leading experts on the different conspiracies I write about. So they were easy to find….It took me about 5 or 6 years to finish the book because I was working another job at the time and could work on the writing only part time.

Q: Were any of your interviewees afraid of going public through your publication?

A: None of the interviewees were afraid of going public with the information. They are already successful writer themselves, and they were glad to talk about the subjects that they are experts on.  

Q: In American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups, which conspiracy theory has the most legs?  Why?  Which theory motivated you to write a book about conspiracy theories?

A: I think the conspiracy to have a One World-Big Brother Government has the most legs. Many people believe secret societies have been manipulating world events for centuries and eventually want to set up a One World Government that takes away our natural rights and freedoms….I was motivated to write a book about conspiracy theories way back in 1980 when I started receiving underground and alternative news newspapers that talked about conspiracy theories and “who really runs and control things.” 

Q: What conspiracy theory puts us regular Americans in the most danger?  Why?

A: I believe the conspiracy theory that puts us in most danger is the banking conspiracy. The Federal Reserve and the other central banks of the world are a corrupt system. The banks create money out of nothing, charge too much interest and release too much money and this will lead to massive debt and inflation for the public. Governments should release their own currencies and not have to borrow money and pay interest to private banks. The world banking system is such that the bankers of the world will become astronomically wealthy, and society and the masses are destroyed financially through debt and inflation. 

Q: You mention New World Order several times in the book.  (That’s my favorite conspiracy as it umbrellas most theories.)  What is the biggest smoking gun that proves that New World Order is real?

A: The biggest smoking gun that proves the New World Order is for real is the United Nations Agenda 21 Plan. Anybody can read about the Agenda 21 Plan on the United Nations website. According to this plan—which many countries have adopted—eventually global warming is going to get so bad that national countries will be abolished, the United Nations will become the World Government, and we’re all going to have move into United Nations built cities, and be controlled by the United Nations police force, stop using cars, air conditioners and anything else that might lead to global warming. Our rights and freedoms and democracies will be taken away. This is the New World Order—this is exactly the type of government that George Orwell wrote about in his book “1984”…This is what causes many people to believe that global warming is propaganda—an exaggeration— to get us all to accept Agenda 21 and move into the New World Order. 

Q: You interview an expert about false flags.  Are we currently facing any false flags in foreign or domestic affairs?

A: Many retired military and intelligence officials claim that false flags occur a lot, much more than we think, and false flags are a common tool of governments. Many world and political events could very well be false flags…One thing a lot of people think are false flags are terrorist shootings. The Deep State wants to take away our guns—eliminate the 2nd Amendment—because then the government can become more tyrannical (move closer to the New World Order) because the public won’t have guns to protect themselves from authoritarian government. A lot of these terrorist shootings—when a lone terrorist goes beserk and shoots 10 or 20 people—may be coming from the Deep State. The idea is that if we have more terrorists shootings then there will be stricter gun laws and the people will be willing to give up their guns. But we should never abandon the 2nd Amendment. The Founding Fathers thought it was very important—“the right to keep and bear arms”. We have the 2nd Amendment there to safeguard the people from Authoritarian Tyrannical Government! (Fortunately, it seems these shootings are happening much less often with Trump in office.) 

Q: Your interview on the Federal Reserve was riveting.  I read another book by Jim Marrs on it.  It’s a problem that never seems to be reported.  Do you think the banksters want to cause more housing crises in order to cause more foreclosures and confiscate homes, increase wealth, and help the government abolish of private property?

A: I think you are probably right. The Federal Reserve and the world’s central banks are a corrupt system. People who believe in conspiracy theories believe it’s the international bankers who are the “bad guys”. They charge too much interest that can’t be paid back  and they cause too much inflation. The banksters belong to secret societies and the philosophy of these societies is to gain more and more power and wealth and the public be damned. It’s as if an Organized Crime syndicate is running the world.  I believe the banksters do want to manipulate the economy in a way to confiscate more properties and wealth and help the government—which THEY control—abolish private property. They want to move the world to a place where they—the 1%—own 99% of the world’s wealth and the rest of us—the 99%—are their fenced in peons and slaves taking orders from the New World Order. 

Q: Do you think our problems within the Middle East seem to arise when a country doesn’t want to trade its oil on the American dollar?

A: I’m not an expert on the Middle East, but I think it’s obvious that the issue of who controls the oil there contributes to the tensions and problems. Also, obviously, problems arise from the Arab-Jewish conflict. For peace to come to the Middle East I believe both sides—the Arabs and the Jews—have to truly want and endeavor for cooperation and peace. 

Q: Whether you love or hate Trump, do you believe his impeachment is a civilized takeover?

A: Politics is not civilized and I don’t think the impeachment was civilized. Trump is going against the Big Business-Political Establishment and the impeachment was just a way for the Political Establishment to try to take down Trump. Many presidents have done quid pro quos so why weren’t they impeached for it? It seems Trump had a right to see of there was corruption in the Ukraine before giving them money. There are far more and worse corruptions and crimes committed and being committed in Washington every day that people should be impeached or investigated for….It was not a civilized impeachment.

Q: Coronvirus-Total scam or a modern day plague?

A: I think the coronavirus is definitely dangerous and we should take all precautions to avoid it. That said, in my opinion, I believe the coronavirus was probably intentionally released into the population by the Deep State and/or China because Donald Trump is going against the will of the Deep State and China and, so, they’re trying to create problems and destroy the economy so Trump won’t be reelected…Trump isn’t a part of the Deep State—the wealthy elites who run the world and just want to get richer and the public be damned. Trump is fixing the economy in a way that lessens the power of the corporations and brings jobs back to millions of lower  and middle class citizens. This is not what the Deep State—the corporate power— wants. The Deep State created China and wants China’s fascist, authoritarian government to be the power that takes over the world and previous presidents–controlled by the Deep State– agreed to free trade agreements that enriched China and destroyed America’s economy. Trump is fixing that and the USA economy was booming and China’s economy was slumping badly. The Deep State and China resents Trump, want him out of office, so they—in my opinion—released the coronavirus to destroy America’s economy in hopes Trump won’t be reelected…The virus is dangerous, though, and we should do what we can to flatten the curve.

Q: What will your next book be about?  What conspiracies do you wish you included in American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups?  (Leave your blog/website/links/Twitter/FB/etc-whatever you want to promote below)

A: I think I pretty much lucked out in that I got to write about just about every conspiracy I wanted to write about in “American Conspiracies And Cover-ups”…..My next book will probably be “American Conspiracies And Cover-ups Volume 2”—which will be more interviews with more conspiracy theory authors. Some of the topics I could cover are: the Bilderberg Group; Agenda 21; the Robert Kennedy assassination; another interview on JFK assassination; the sinking of the Lusitania; the possibility that the Titanic was intentionally sunk; and much more.Thank you very much for interviewing me!!

My website:  americanconspiraciesandcover-ups.com

My Instagram:   @americanconspiracytheory

My Twitter:   @US_Conspiracies  

Mr. Cirignano, thank you so much for guesting on my blog! Again, loved your book and look forward to the next one. Amazing interview!

Repost of Review

American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups by Douglas Cirignano is a nonfiction collection of various interviews from various key people involved in various conspiracies.  Mr. Cirignano has done an enormous amount of research in some of the most questionable historical events in America.  

The book begins with an interview with a WWII veteran about FDR and Pearl Harbor.  The author then interviews one of LBJ’s lawyers about the possibility of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s involvement in JFK’s assassination.  Another interview about Martin Luther King’s assassination follows.  All the interviews were loaded with interesting tidbits that have not been widely known or reported.

Cirignano interviews an IRS agent about the constitutionality of income tax.  This is followed up with the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Causes and cures over AIDs and cancer are other chapters.  He even interviews an activist on the accuracy of our voting.  The Oklahoma bombing as well as 911 are other chapters that question whether or not the government was involved with these acts of terrorism.  New World Order is mentioned once, twice, or maybe a few dozen times, but who is counting?  It’s becoming more and more obvious!

My Review:  This is a long book that is dense with information.  I especially loved Cirignano’s chapters on 911, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS.  For example, I did not know that a Bush (from the Bush Dynasty) was in charge of security at the World Trade Center.  Nor did I know that the independent council that followed 911 was ran by a Bush insider!  

The entire book was educational, informative, and well-written.  Without spoiling the book, it manages to add fuel to the New World Order fire that continues to burn brighter than ever throughout the world. Our country has sold out to bankers, big business, and overall greed.  We cannot rely on the media to tell us the truth as they are either part of the problem or just sheep like the rest of us.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves history and questions how it is written. BTW-I hope Mr. Cirignano follows up on the impeachment/Trump/etc. 5/5 Stars.

Great book!

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